Prank Voices

Whether you want creepy prank call voices, meme voices, funny voices, or any prank voices that you want, there is a way to customize your voice with a prank voice changer.

Prank voices with voice changer software
Prank voices

In this article, I will show you a collection of funny prank call voices that you can make with AV Voice Changer Software Diamond. There are a lot more cool voices that you can explore on the way, but these tutorials with a voices list will be a good start to use the software.

1 - Download the prank Voice Changer

Before getting the funny prank call voices, you will need to install the voice changer software first.  To download voice changer software, you can use the button below:

free download voice changer for prank calls
Free download voice changer for prank calls

2 - Prank voices with voice changer software

In here, I will show you how to make different voices funny, troll voices, voice for prank calls with the software AV Voice Changer Software Diamond.

There are many things that you can do with the software. By following these tutorials, you will get the gist of it, as it's extremely easy to change your voice and make some prank calls on the Internet with the software's help.

- Morgan Freeman voice changer

- Female voice changer

- Obama voice changer

- Cool celebrity voice

- Deep voice changer

- Dota 2 Medusa voice changer

- Funny Parody voices

- Talk like a Pirate

Hope that you will like those funny voices for prank calls.

3 - Other lists of tutorial you will like

Of course, to use the voice changer software, you should also know how to use other features, such as edit an audio file, change the vocal of a song, add more effects, convert audio format, etc.

Furthermore, you can also connect the voice changer to VOIPs such as Skype, Discord, Viber, etc. and change voice male to female, or any voice, in real time!

To know your way around the voice changer:

- Voice Changer 101

To use VOIP voice changer or with other programs:

- Connect Voice Changer

Here is the download button so that you can quickly install and try out the voice changer program:

Free download voice changer software

Hope that you will enjoy the tutorials.
Ann Taylor.

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