Thursday, February 28, 2019

Fortnite Voice Changer - for The Best Funny Fortnite Moments

Are you having fun with some Fortnite trolling? In this tutorial, I will show you how to create your own best funny Fortnite moments with a voice changer for Fortnite. Just connect the voice changer software to Fortnite, you will be able to change voice male to female, female to male, sound like a Fortnite girl, a little kid, a robot or any voice that you want.

Fortnite voice changer
Fortnite voice changer

The software that we are gonna use is AV Voice Changer Software Diamond. Currently, it can be considered as the best voice changer in the market with advanced voice technology. You can change your voice in real time, produce high quality voice output which is as real as possible. To use this Fortnite voice changer, simply follow  the steps as below and you are ready to rock your games.

1 - Fortnite voice changer download

What can Fortnite voice changer do?

AV Voice Changer Software is a very good real time voice changer that can change your voice to any voice you want, add sound effects, trolling sounds, record audio, edit and convert to any format. It can even morph vocal of audio files in batches.

The best thing that makes it stand out from the rest of other voice changers is because of the quality of trolling sounds. I personally tested and the voice trolling is amazing, which is so real that a veteran audio geek like me could not realize my own voice anymore.

You can read more about AV Voice Changer Software Diamond here.

The best voice changer for Fortnite
The best voice changer for Fortnite

Voice changer for Fortnite download and install

To download the voice changer software, you can conveniently use the link below that I got from their official website:

After downloading, run the installer and wait for the program to install.

The install process has two phases: first, the software components will be installed like any other program. Second, it will start installing the Avsoft Virtual Device, which is the sound driver you will use when using the voice changer real time.

Sound driver voice changer for Fortnite
Sound driver voice changer for Fortnite

This driver is important so make sure it's installed properly. You should close all other applications while installing, to make sure the install process is not interrupted.

2 - How to do voice trolling with Fortnite voice changer

To use the voice changer for trolling, you just need to configure the settings of AV Voice Changer Software Diamond to change your voice. There are few ways to help you do that: change voice in real time with built-in presets, or personally customize the voice output, change voice male to female or even robot, ghost and animals. 

The easiest way to use this troll voice changer Fortnite

If you want to troll the other players. before using voice chat Fortniet PC, "Nickvoices" is a great feature to help you change your voice in just one click!

These are the built-in presets that can help you modify the voice really easily. Just choose from the menu, and select the preset you want. The voice changer includes:

  • Male voice to female
  • Female voice to male
  • For movie maker (ghost, alien, robot, etc.)
  • Non Human Voice (sound of bird, bear, etc.)

Voice changer for Fortnite trolling - male to female
Voice changer for Fortnite trolling - male to female

The thorough way to use Fortnite voice changer trolling for fun

Besides Nickvoices, using the Voice Morpher feature: including Pitch-Timbre graph, along with Voice Effects and Voice Beautifying is the greatest way to change your voice as real as possible.

Do you know why AV Voice Changer Software Diamond can be considered as the current best program in the voice changer market? It's because of the combination of: voice quality, many functions for every audio needs, and the versatility in configuring your voice.

In this section, I will introduce the basic part of those features. To view the in-depth tutorial of all features, please visit this tutorial:

Pitch-Timbre graph: can help you change the basic characteristics of your voice. Pitch and Timbre determine the age and gender of the voice output.

Voice Effects: you can add more vocal effects, background effects, and also use Equalizer to configure the voice even better. There are more than a hundred of effects to choose and Equalizer is a must-use feature.

Voice Beautifying: improve the quality of your voice output.

Thoroughly use Fortnite voice changer trolling for fun with 3 functions
Thoroughly use Fortnite voice changer trolling for fun with 3 functions

3 - Connect voice changer for Fortnite

So, are you ready for the main show? After you feel satisfied with the new voice, it's time to connect the whole thing together: Fortnite voice chat voice changer.

- Launch Fortnite
- Login to your account
- At the main menu of Fortnite, select the More icon (1) on the top right corner.
- Select the Settings icon (2)
Open Fortnite settings
Open Fortnite settings

In the new Audio window:
- Select the Speaker icon
- In Toggles section, select Voice Chat Input Device as Microsoft (Avsoft Virtual Audio Device)

How to connect voice changer Fortnite
How to connect voice changer Fortnite

That's it. Now you are ready to rock your games with so many voices. You can be a trolling Fortnite girl, a little kid with his high pitch voice changer, or any voice that you want to explore thanks to the Voice Morpher feature.

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