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My story of finding a free voice changer online for PC

Voice Changer online for PC
Where to find a free voice changer?

"Where to download a free voice changer online for PC that can change my voice in real time? I want to talk in Skype with different voices, when I talk, the software will change my voice to anyone and I should have hotkeys to quickly do it. It also needs to have some decent features that I can make my projects. That was probably the hardest question that I have spent the most effort into solving."

The other day, I met Henry after a few years since the last time. He was very surprised to know that I am running this blog about a voice changer software. We talked a lot and decided to put his story onto Voice Changer TV. So today, I will share with you the story of Henry, who had some experience in finding a free voice changer online for his audio projects:

A Voice Changer for PC

The current software I am using is AV Voice Changer Software Diamond 9.5, can be found here. This software is free-to-try. Reading that sentence, I know you may be like "Wait, what?" What is the point of telling a story finding a freeware but in the end, paying for a software, right? But, I will tell you the whole story, and believe me...
it's totally worth it, compared to freeware.
From my experience, I am not saying that all free voice changers are only mediocre. Some are actually very good that I am impressed too, but unfortunately they cannot satisfy all of our needs and expectations. In my opinion, based on what you want, you can actually find a freeware that is usable (but you need some research and try a few ones), but how usable it is really depends. For example, it is obvious that if you want to have a little fun for like 1 minute Skype talk and will never ever use it again, it's alright to download a free app and talk on the phone. But when you need more variations, more voices like Barack Obama, Morgan Freeman, or even voice comparing feature to mimic your friends around you, things start to get more complicated.

voice changer online frustration

Those are just some small features of a voice changer we need, and I'm not even talking about the ability to morph actual audio files, record/cut/split/edit/add effects to your files. Consequently, it's nearly impossible to expect a freeware to do all of those. There is an alternative solution  though, but I don't want to find a free substitute for each small feature as it costs too much time and what if  we cannot find a decent freeware (like in this case). In the end, what I learn is...
you get what you pay for.
To be honest, a freeware can do a few things,... for free, obviously. But when you need more, the functions' abilities start to diminish rapidly. Although we could not find any decent free voice changer based on our use, my team was still very satisfying with our spending of money, plus it's not really that much anyway. We gladly purchased because the features of changing voice in real time and the integrated tools are top in the field. This voice changer can be used for VoIP calls, and have the built-in audio recorder, editor, converter and morpher. All of them are included in the software. It was very quick, we made a discussion and took  the chance when it was on discount, collected our money and bought without any second question. The voice quality and voice algorithm of AV Voice Changer Software Diamond is also better than other freeware from what I see. It's also more convenient to download new stuff, effects and voices updated regularly from their Add-on store. So yeah, if you are lucky when they have discount, the price is decent and the functionality is the bomb.

voice changer online satisfaction

My story of finding free voice changer online

It was one tough, then frustrated and finally, we are fine. Long story short, I did many researches on finding a free voice changer, which is used on PC installed Windows (so we leave out the voice changer apps for Android, iOS and the Mac OS). It must be able to modify my voice in real time, so I can talk in Skype, TeamSpeak, Discord, a few different VoIP and then I will record the conversation, edit and output the audio files (we use a different software for video editing).

Problem is, there are a few voice changers out there, but no software can satisfy all of the need (but still very simple I suppose). The features were not sufficient. Some have this, but lack that - a general problem to all of the freeware I found. And believe me, you won't find anything close to the paid one we are using that is free. I spent hours within a week trying to find a good one but no hope. Installed some but then I had to uninstall again just within a day of trying. 

Next option, my team decided to purchase a good software. But which one? after considering the features and the prices, we ended up with AV Voice Changer Software Diamond version 9.5. The price was around the other ones (at that time), but it was far better in my opinion. What makes it really stand out is...
The editing and morphing audio tools integrated. All-in-one Voice Changer, I must say.
Furthermore, when making some research about the company, I see that AVSoft has a long history for providing audio software. And what's more, in my opinion, their selling website also looks more professional compared to some other competitors. I can feel that they are really putting effort into building the website seriously, with a whole support center site and Add-on store. My thought was "they look professional, so the software might be great, let's give it a try, I can refund if needed.". After reading the information on their voice changer product, we bought the Diamond version and were not disappointed. It took me a few minutes to get used to all of the features, but when you get the gist of it, things will be actually simple and very fun. Although different people will have different feelings when using a software, but if you are looking for a voice changer to use, try a few ones and also this one too.

And that's it my friends, it was my story of finding a free voice changer. My work was more complex than I thought, so well, we could not find anything free that is capable to run. If you want to know more, for instance the features of some free voice changer or how good AV Voice Changer Software Diamond is, leave a comment to Ann and I will answer you later. Let me give you a quick review on the AV Voice Changer.

AV Voice Changer Software review

A short review on the software.

- Talk in real time for internet calls, and even in real phone calls.
-  Integrate audio recorder, editor, converter and morpher.
- Voice comparator and analyzer, quiet useful when I want to mimic someone's voice.
- Add-on store. This is the best, I came here and downloaded some background effects and new Nickvoices.

- Free-to-try
- For a new user, you may not not understand the feature right away, but I think anyone can use the software after exploring for a few minutes.

We are satisfied. The audio projects are on the run, smoothly until now. I believe this software has a very wide use, for example, relaxing and having fun talking on Skype, voice chat in games, and also editing audio like what we are doing. After a few weeks, I like its simplicity, a modern look and  high quality output. So, as of now, I have nothing to complain.

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