Thursday, March 10, 2016

Apply Background Effects in Real-Time Calls with Voice Changer Software

A great voice needs great Background Effects, just like Leonardo Dicaprio deserves the Oscar.

Using Voice Changer to modify your voice is cool, but your calls will be even more unique and realistic with the background sounds. Talking in creepy voice on Halloween night with no background effects is like a dull sword which cannot cut. A great voice needs great support, just like Leonardo Dicaprio deserves the Oscar.

With just a few simple steps, you can apply different background effects into your audio files or conversation, making them more lively and special. In this tutorial you will learn how to apply background effects in AV Voice Changer Software Diamond 9.5 (VCSD 9.5). 

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There are three ways to add background effects and each has its own advantages.

Method 1: Choose the background effects from VCSD 9.5 library

This is the easiest and quickest way to "sharpen your sword". You can choose various effects from the built-in library.

- Run VCSD 9.5.
- Click Add Voice Effects icon to open Effects Settings dialog box.

Add voice effects

- In Effects Settings dialog box, choose any effects from Background Effects drop-down list and enjoy the result.

Note: Remember to turn on the effects to activate them in your calls. The icon will turn to yellow when it is ON. 

Method 2: Use Background Effects add-ons

Step 1: Install add-ons

- You can come to the Add-on Store to download the background effect packs you want.

Note: Remember to choose the packs used for VCSD9. The others which applied for other products cannot be used for VCSD9.

- Double click on the downloaded exe file and follow the instruction to install.

In this example, we will use the free add-on Scary Sound background effect. You can see the difference after the installation in the picture below.

Background effects: before - after

Step 2: Apply new effects

- Open Effects Settings dialog box.
- Expand the Background Effects list.
- Select the newly installed background effects and enjoy.

Method 3: Load your own Audio files

What is great about VCSD9 is that you can use any audio files, even your own songs, screams or your audio projects as the background effects.

Step 1: Create a new group for your own background effects

- On VCSD 9.5's main panel, click Add Voice Effects (1)
- Click on Background Effects list to enable Settings button and click on it (2).

Effects Settings

Note: The Settings button is only clickable when you click on Background Effects.

- You will see the BGEffects dialog box.
- Click the Create Group button (3) to add a new group.

- The Create a new group dialog box appears, type the group name into the Title textbox (4), then click OK to finish and close this dialog box.
- The new group will be listed at the end of the Background Effect Tree (5).

Step 2: Choose your audio file

- Click the Add Effects button (6) to add a new effect. The Add a new Background Effect dialog box appears:

- Select from the Group drop-down list (7) the group you want to place the new effect in.
- Type the name of the new effect into the Description field (8).
- Specify the audio file that will be added as the new background effect using the Browse button (9).
Click OK button (10) to finish and close the dialog box.

Step 3: Add your own Background Effects

- To choose an effect in a group, expand the group by double clicking the group name, then check the check box of the effect name (11). Click OK, the background effect will be applied right away.

- Tip: You can change the volume of the background effect by adjusting the Volume slider (12).

- Note: The Load button is used for fast set-up, but it will not save your new effect.    

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