Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Change voice easily using ready-to-use Nickvoices

Voice Changer Software Diamond 9 (VCSD9) is an effective software tool for almost any voice changing tasks. It features an advanced Voice Morpher module, which lets you control your Timbre and Pitch levels in real time. But if you don't want to spend too much time on trying different morphing settings to get the target voice, Nickvoice concept of VCSD9 will definitely be your favorite.

What is "nickvoices"?

Nickvoices are preset voice output available for instant use. These are designed based on several popular target voices that people prefer to use for their morphing processes. With a huge library of 50 ready-to-use nickvoices, including Male to female, Female to male, and nickvoices for movie-making purposes, all users can save lots of time morphing. All you need to do now is just click-and-talk!
This tutorial will guide you on how to use these unique nickvoices in changing voice.

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Step 1: Apply preset nickvoices from the list

On the main panel >> click on Nickvoice menu (1).

Select the voice you like from this list. There are 3 main categories in this list, including:

  • Female nickvoices for male users
  • Male nickvoices for female users
  • Various nickvoices for movie-making purposes

After you click to select a nickvoice, all morphing effects will be automatically applied to Voice Morpher feature. Speak to your microphone to hear how the output voice sounds.

Step 2: Use customizable nickvoices

In addition to the available nickvoices, you also have unlimited options for creating new customizable nickvoices on your own. Here is how it works!

# Save a nickvoice

Use Voice Morpher feature to change timbre and pitch levels of your voice. If you are satisfied with this voice and want to save it for future use, click Save (2) >> Name your new nickvoice (3) >> OK (4)

The nickvoice file (.nvc) has been safely stored in your computer.

For instant use, visit our Add-on Store to download nickvoice packs from games and movies.

# Load a nickvoice

In Voice Morpher session, click Load (5) >> Browse in your pre-saved nickvoice folder (6) >> select your favorite >> OK (7)

Once you open your customizable nickvoice, it will be immediately loaded into the Voice Morpher's Timbre and Pitch sliders, you can use it right away in online voice chat.


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