Thursday, December 19, 2013

A Never-Can-Forget Xmas with Santa Voice Changer

Santa Voice Changer

What a year of blessings!
A year filled with love, happiness and surprises. As Santa Claus is coming to your town, what have you got in your house to welcome him? Colorful decorations, delicious Christmas feast, cheerful music, or meaningful presents and cards? If you're thinking of tricking someone on this big day, Santa voice changer will be the coolest tool for you to fully disguise as Santa Claus.

Santa Voice Changer
Interesting Christmas prank calls with Santa Voice Changer

RRWhat can it do???   RRR

- Pretend to be Mr. Santa Claus and fool your friends in cyberspace.

- Create Christmas e-greeting cards in the funny voice of the Chipmunks.

- Mimic celebrities' voices and tell them you're waiting in front of their house for Christmas dinner.

- Re-make your favorite songs become Christmas songs by adding lovely sleigh bell sound effects.

- Re-new old Christmas songs become brand new, cheerful songs ever.

- Remix "Happy New Year" and "Jingle Bell" in hip-hop beats.

- And more creative and unique ideas are waiting for you.

YES!! With Voice Changer Software, you can turn all your creative imagination into real life as precious Christmas gifts for your friends and family. The advanced Voice changer software will help you create high quality and most natural voice output, let's see how long you friends can recognize that's YOU! This program is usable for both online and offline voice changing purposes.

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Grab it now for a "never-can-forget" Xmas ever of you and your loved ones!

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