Tuesday, January 31, 2017

AV Voice Changer Software Diamond Will Wow Users with New Timbre & Pitch Graph

Audio4fun is busy preparing to launch a new version of their popular AV Voice Changer Software Diamond edition. AV Voice Changer Software Diamond version 9.5 was just launched recently. Let's take a quick look at its new features.

AV Voice Changer Software Diamond 9.5 with the new Pitch-Timbre graph

From a very first look at the new skin, I can see that the biggest difference from previous versions is the voice morpher graph technically called the Timbre & Pitch graph. By illustrating the two basic qualities of the human voice – timbre and pitch – in this new, parabolic display, the results of any adjustment become far clearer to the user.

This new, superb voice changing algorithm, with its curved line graph, creates a completely different visual experience for the user. With hundreds of arching set points, it offers the ability to change your voice tone, age and gender in real time, effortlessly. The graph's innovative interface has been wowing many viewers and raising their curiosity about how it works.

If you already know AV Voice Changer Software Diamond, then you already know that its main theme color is a dark blue, bringing you a feeling of professionalism and versatility. However, this new version seems to have a lighter, more delicate color that seems to compliment the new simple, flat-skin look and the new, easy to access controls.

Overall, AV Voice Changer Software Diamond 9.5 was released not long ago, but its first image has been gaining a lot of interest, and as Audio4fun promised, they always try to maximize user's satisfaction and inspire them to be creative in all aspects of entertainment. Let's wait and see how this much-anticipated voice changing tool  exceeds your expectation for an advanced voice changing software!

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