Friday, October 25, 2013

Rock Off Halloween Party with 50% OFF for Voice Changer


You heard it right???

Halloween is just around the corner! Planning to become a stinky zombie, a bloody vampire or a creepy witch? Hmm, why don't you try something cooler than that such as dressing up like superheroes in some blockbuster movies. And in case you're intrigued by the dark power, becoming a villain is not a bad idea at all!

You think you know all about this spookiest day of the year? Nah, there are more to celebrate than you expected with interesting facts about Halloween. And in order to make your haunted party more "puurrrfect", you definitely need some scary background sounds using Halloween Voice Changer. Here are some cool voice adjusting tools that are being offered at UP TO 50% DISCOUNT for your reference:

AV Voice Changer Software DIAMOND - 50% OFF
  • Regular price: $99.95
  • "Haunted" price: $59.97
  • Save: $39.98

AV Voice Changer Software GOLD - 40% OFF
  • Regular price: $39.95
  • "Haunted" price: $23.97
  • Save: $15.98

AV Voice Changer Software BASIC - 30% OFF
  • Regular price: $29.95
  • "Haunted" price: $17.97
  • Save: $9.48

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