Tuesday, November 5, 2019

How Does Voice Change Software Help In Your Educational Projects?

Use voice changer for your education project

Imagine, you have a project related to audio that needs to be done. You want to turn your project and audio into an awesome masterpiece, but how to do that? Yeah, that's right, you need inspiration. And most of all, you need a software that provides all necessary tools to do that.

Welcome to the section of how AV Voice Changer Software Diamond can help you in your educational projects, especially audio projects.

What is AV Voice Changer Software Diamond

This is a voice changer software, but a very unique one at that. With this software, it's like a master tool that can help you in almost everything that you want to do in an audio project. I was surprised about its versatility, and top-notch quality in morphing audio.

This is how Voice Changer Software Diamond looks like

Let me tell you a few features: change voice in real time, connect to Skype, Discord, Viber or any video call program. You can also record your changed voice, or normal voice, based on which voice you want. This is very convenient when you want to record something, or make a funny section in your project.

Not just that, you also have an Audio Editor feature, Converter, File Morpher. With these tools, you can edit the audio files like a piece of cake. Audio Editor can cut/split/copy/paste audio/ add effects on a wave platform. File Morpher can modify vocal of a song, morph temple, boost volume, and many other things.

You can download the software to try out with this button below with download link from their official website Audio4fun.com:

How does voice changer diamond help me in my projects

This Voice Changer Software Diamond has so many useful tools, I like it.
The whole process of recording audio, morphing voice, add effects, edit audio, convertting format, saving audio files can be done with this software.

When you education projects need some tweaked voices

This is where the Voice Changer Software will be a really, really big help. You can make your voice sound like an old man, a woman, a boy, a girl or any settings with different gender and age values. Not just that, you can also sound like a robot, an alien, a bear, a bird, etc. And the best thing is that it's real time.

Voice Morpher, Voice Effects and Voice Beautifying

In this picture, you will see 3 main panels: Voice Morpher, Voice Effects and Voice Beautifying. This is what I like the most and also use the most.

1/ About Voice Morpher:

- You can modify your voice, affecting the age and gender with Timbre and Pitch, respectively.
- Even a small change can lead to amazing result, with so much differences to the original voice.

By the way, you can also use the Nickvoices.
- There are the ready-to-use voice presets.
- This is for fast voice changing. You can choose from the list: Male to Female, Female to Male, For Movie Maker, Non-human Voice.


2/ About Voice Effects and Voice Beautifying

For me, I use Voice Effects more often than Voice Beautifying.

With Voice Effects, there are three things to keep in mind: Vocal Effects, Background Effects, and  Equalizer.
- Vocal Effects: makes your voice fry, raspy, breathy, etc.
- Background Effects: I can make it sound like I'm at bus station, a forest, a beach, an airport, and many more.
- Equalizer: affect the vocal, but in a different way.

Voice Effects

With Voice Beautifying, you can increase the quality of the voice output. However, I rarely use this, as the normal settings are in very good quality already.

All in all, only the voice changing features and I see that there are many things to do already, haha. What a versatile Voice Changer Software.

Voice Changer Software will give you more inspiration

Creativity can be triggered with the right tool, I believe so. When I had some projects before, I did not know what to do. However, when trying the software, I can imagine so many ways to use it, modify my voice, and produce better ideas for my projects.

When combining the Voice Changing features with other features: Audio Editor, File Morpher, Recorder, you will see that there are so many, many things to do with the software. In fact, in my experience, it showed me so many new ways to spice up my audio projects.

Voice Editor

Well, you can record something, morph the audio, edit and add effect, and then, export to different formats. You can do all of them with just a software.

What else, Voice Changer Software Diamond is fun 

There are many ways to use this software and complete my projects. I will tell you a story about sometime ago. There was a time that we wanted to film a video about playing games. We wanted to show how fun it is, how it positively educates players, and also to tell a story that we should play in moderate so the effects are positive.

Playing game with friends, using Discord as voice chat, and we also change voice in real time when calling each other. It was hella fun when changing your voice, while talking in an cooperative online game.

Voice changer is fun

Other ways to use voice changer 

Why I Use a Voice Changer Software as an Audio Editor

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You can download the software here: