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How to use Voice Changer Software Diamond for More Realistic Voices

In this tutorial, Voice Changer TV will show you guys how to use Voice Changer Software Diamond in a more professional way. You actually can create better and more realistic voices. Don't worry, you will know how to adjust the settings manually after this as well as some useful tips based on my own experience when using the software.

Usually, most of users want voice changer calling male to female. As an experienced user, I know that sometimes, you want the morphed voice to be even more realistic, right? But how can you do that? In fact, unlike other voice changers in the market, you can adjust a lot of detailed settings in Voice Changer Software Diamond so that you can get the best voice giving the original characteristics of your voice. The point is, you should understand the meaning behind each value

Voice Changer Software Diamond 9.5
Voice Changer Software Diamond 9.5

Voice Changer Software Diamond

This can be considered as the current best voice changer in the market. The reason? I think that you may need to try it out to get your own assessment. Download the software via the button below:

Voice Changer Software Diamond is a software that can change your voice during call on Discord, Skype, Viber or any communication program.

Moreover, you can freely adjust your voice to suit your need with much more details in vocal and effects compared to other voice changers. And that's why, I write this tutorial to help you utilize the full features of this software.

Besides, one of the best feature that other voice changers do not have is the ability to process audio files. You can record/edit new audio files with built-in Voice Recorder and Audio Editor. Additionally, File Morpher allows you to morph the vocal and convert audio files in batches.

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How to use Voice Changer Software Diamond for more realistic voices

In order to make your voice sound more realistic, you should know how to make use of the Voice Morpher feature of the software. In this part, I will explain each setting and from that, I believe all of us will be able to understand and conclude our own methods when adjusting the voices.

1. Pitch - Timbre graph

This is literally the heart and soul of Voice Changer Software Diamond.

 As you change your voice with Pitch, Timbre and Formant Pitch, it will transform your voice into a new greatly and sometimes, just modifying the pointer of the graph is enough for a great fake voice.

It changes the Pitch of your voice to make it higher or lower. Hence, it will mainly affect the gender of your voice. For example:
- Higher pitch: baby, girl, young boy, teenager, sweet woman, etc.
- Lower pitch: deep male voices, middle aged man, etc.

When two voices have the same Pitch and sound power, this is the value to distinguish between the two - the tone of your voice. For example:
- Higher Timbre: younger and lighter voices, such as baby girl, young children, etc.
- Lower Timbre: deeper and stronger voices, such as an old man, etc.

Formant Pitch
Although this setting is not used often, but sometimes, it contributes quite well the the result of your changed voice. When a voice sounds too robotic or unreal, Formant Pitch can make it more natural without affecting other qualities.

Pitch - Timbre graph of Voice Changer Software Diamond 9.5
Pitch - Timbre graph of Voice Changer Software Diamond 9.5

2. Voice Effects

The second setting to add more variables to your voice.

Did you know? You can actually make it sound like you are standing in the middle of a traffic jam, near the ocean, or you are in hurry with breathing sound, etc.

There are 30 Voice Effects, 70 Background Effects, 17 Non-human Voices, 40 plug-in Audio Effects and even more for you to choose from.

2.1 Effects Settings

Voice effects from Voice Changer Software Diamond 9.5
Voice effects from Voice Changer Software Diamond 9.5

How to use:
- On the main panel of Voice Changer Software Diamond, look at Voice Effects sub panel.
- Click on Add Voice Effects  -> You will see a new Effects Settings window with several effects placed in categories.
- In order to active an effect, just stick on the effect and click OK

The interface of Voice Effects sub panel:
- Active effects will have blue color
- Inactive effects will be empty
>> You can activate an effect in this sub panel On and Off by clicking on it.

- The X button (1) is to remove an effect from the list
- The Gear icon (2) is to adjust settings of an effect. Most of the effects will have their own settings.

*Some particular effects are only applicable in real time.
*Only one Voice Effect in a group can be selected at a time.
*Only one Background Effect and Non-human Voice Effect can be selected at a time.

2.2 Make-ups
This is a huge help in defining your voice with more effects. Instead of just changing the age and gender of your voice, isn't wonderful to make your voice sound sweeter, softer, even tremble, gentle and many more. There are two group, but you will not the groups' names, you will only see the presets.

Make-ups Voice Changer Software Diamond 9.5
Make-ups Voice Changer Software Diamond 9.5

Voice Types:
- The presets with the names in capitalization (BREATHY, HOARSE, etc.)
- They are the ready-to-use presets made from the smaller components within Effects Settings window.

Voice Qualities
- The presets with the normal names (Warm, Gentle, Silky, etc.)
- They are the presets of various combinations of settings in Equalizer.
- In case you wonder, Equalizer is also an effect located in Effects Settings window.
- You can Save your customized presets (under *.eq file) for later use and Load them when needed.

3. Voice Beautifying

This feature is the one that will make your voice stand out much more compared to the other voice changers in the market.

3.1 Main interaface

Voice Changer Software Diamond with Voice Beautifying feature
Voice Changer Software Diamond with Voice Beautifying feature

  • HiS - High Stretch (Default 1%)
  • LoS - Low Stretch (Default 1%)
  • Ls - Low Shift (Default 0Hz)
  • Sm - Smooth (Default 12)

With these 4 settings, you will be able to put more variables to your voice such as: soft talking, rough, breathy, creaky, hoarse, etc.
- Shifting the LoS and Ls too high or too low may also change the voice output to be higher (female, boy) or lower (male)
- In some cases, you can also create a new accent with different pronunciation.

About the Advanced button, I rarely use that since the settings above were so great and limitless for creating my voice. To be honest, using the Pitch - Timbre graph and Equalizer in Voice Effects already gives me the solid options for the voice I wanna use.

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Download the voice changer via this button:

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