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Why I Use a Voice Changer Software as an Audio Editor

Why I Use a Voice Changer Software as an Audio Editor
Why I Use a Voice Changer Software as an Audio Editor

Do you know why I edit audio with a voice changer software? Because it's so neat that the voice changer that I use can even edit, cut, split and add effects to audio files. And most of all, this voice changer can morph the vocal of those audio files too.

The Voice Changer that I use is called AV Voice Changer Software Diamond. You can check out the interface with the image below:

AV Voice Changer Software Diamond
AV Voice Changer Software Diamond

To get the voice changer to try, you can:

About Voice Changer Software Diamond

The current version is the Diamond version 9.5. 
In fact, this voice changer also has two more versions: basic and gold. However, only the Diamond  is able to process audio files, morph audio, convert file format. These features are also the things that distinguish this voice changer with the rest of other programs in the market.

To summarize the features, we will have all of these within one software:
- First and foremost: change voice in real time
- Connect with Skype, Viber, Discord, Steam Dota 2, CS:GO, etc.
- Instant presets to change voice: male to female, female to male, bear, bird, robot, etc.
- Voice Comparator, Voice Parody
- Voice Beautifying to increase the quality of your voice when talking in real time.

Voice Changer Software

And then, we have the options to edit audio almost like a pro. I must say that it's satisfying for a normal person like me when process audio for personal projects. If you use it for school projects, it's even better.
- Edit/cut/split audio with wave tracks.
- Convert audio formats.
- Morph vocal of an audio file.
- Change tempo of audio, increase or decrease original volume (volume boost / quieten).
- Voice Recorder to record your voice, you can choose to record normal voice or morphed voice.
- A very, very, and very huge library of effects. The software has: voice effects, background effects, equalizer to morph your voice even more.

And a few other faetures, but I rarely use them for my projects. These are the best feature in my opinion when I edit audio.

A voice changer software that can edit audio

In this voice changer Diamond, the feature that I like best is File Morpher.

This is the feature that can help you morph audio, morph vocal of audio files, convert format, change tempo and boost volume or quiten volume.

Let me go into details a little bit.

File Morpher can morph vocal

This is that mainly use File Morpher for. The best thing is that File Morpher can conveniently use settings of the Pitch-Timbre graph to morph the vocal. Most of the time, I also adjust Equalizer for a better result.

Use Equalizer along with File Morpher
Use Equalizer along with File Morpher

When you move the cursor of Pitch-Timbre graph and change the Hz value of Equalizer, the settings also can be applied in File Morpher. Just open an audio file and listen to the file within voice changer, you will hear the differences.

File Morpher can adjust tempo and boost volume

I know, this is so cool, right? There were so many times that I looked for a software that can do this, but it was never to be found with satisfaction like this program.

The feature can help you boost the original volume of an audio file, very helpful when they are too quiet. Or, you can also decrease the volume if you want, if the files are too loud. This is especially useful when you have to match the volume of these audio files to other files in a big project.

About tempo changer, you can increase the tempo of a file, I mainly use this when I want to make a song faster.

File Morpher can convert audio format

Yes, it can convert audio format. And moreover, what I like about this is that you can convert multiple files at the same time.

Convert audio files
Convert audio files

On the other hand, you can also convert stereo to mono for specific uses.

File Morpher has Quick Mode and Full Mode

With Full mode, you can adjust anything:
- Import playlist to convert / morph batches of audio files.
- Select audio settings, audio quality, audio format
- Adjust Tempo, adjust sound power.

With Quick mode, you can quickly morph/convert files without having to adjust anything. Because it will conveniently use the settings of Full mode.

File Morpher Quick Mode and Full Mode
File Morpher Quick Mode and Full Mode

That's it guys. Hope that you like the File Morpher feature. Even better than that, it can combine with Audio Editor, Voice Recorder to make the whole process of editing audio for you.

You can download the software via this button:

Download voice changer

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