Thursday, May 31, 2018

OBS Voice Changer Will Make Your OBS Stream Explode with FUN

OBS voice changer will make your OBS Stream explode
OBS voice changer will make your OBS Stream explode

OBS voice changer will make your OBS Stream explode with interesting and funny stories in many voices, making it epic more than ever. We will use OBS Studio for live streaming/video recording and connect the software with a voice changer which can change your voice in real time. If you wonder what is OBS voice changer and OBS Studio, we will explain below.

To explain this further, we will connect OBS studio with AV Voice Changer Software Diamond 9.5, which can be considered the best voice changer in the market at the moment. When connecting the two software, you will be able to talk in different voices, add voice effects and background effects to your real time live-streams. Isn't it amazing when you can talk like a girl, a sweet woman, Morgan Freeman, Darth Vader or anyone in your OBS stream?

Voice Changer Software would like to leave a quick download link here, if anyone wants to check out  the voice changer on, come to:

Useful link for your OBS steam:

>> Former President Barack Obama Voice Changer

What is OBS Stream?

OBS Stream is created from OBS Studio. This is the software that can help you do two main things: video recording and live streaming. It supports Windows, Mac and also Linux. Where can we use OBS Studio for? Here is the answer: Twitch, Hitbox, Youtube Gaming and more.

obs stream example obs voice changer
This is what OBS Stream looks like - from a German guy with Mac.

But image, when you stream, if you just play the game and talk, everyone can do that. Even if you have your own style of playing and it's funny, but is it really enough for a standing ovation? (might be exaggerated a bit but it's true). Unless you are a superstar, making people impressed is usually hard. However, there is a way to have fun while streaming, as well as making people laugh while watching and listening to you. This is also a way to approach your audience, changing your style sometimes will be great to surprise everyone.

OBS Voice Changer

Talking about OBS voice changer, we will use AV Voice Changer Software Diamond 9.5 to connect with OBS studio, make something creative and bring the fun to everyone else in your OBS stream.

This software is really considered to be the best in the market at this moment.

There are many useful features and creative materials that other voice changers do not have. Let's check out what it can do:

- You can change your voice to any voice in real time.
- There are ready-to-use built-in voice presets that can change your voice on one click.
- The free add-ons allow you to have more unique voices of celebrities and characters such as Morgan Freeman, Chipmunks, Batman, etc.
- You can also adjust the output freely by changing the fundamentals of a human's voice, equalizer, add more voice effects and background effects. You will be able to sound like you are in a traffic jam, bus station, ocean, forest, etc.
- But wait, there is a Voice Recorder to help you record your voice for other audio projects as well as an audio editor, audio converter. Cool, isn't it?

OBS voice changer - Voice Changer Software Diamond 9.5
OBS voice changer - Voice Changer Software Diamond 9.5

Read full details about this OBS voice changer that can change your voice in real time at:
>> Real Time Voice Changer for PC with Effects

And now, let's get to the tutorial part about how to use OBS voice changer for your OBS Studio.

Step 1: OBS voice changer connect settings

First, download AV Voice Changer Software Diamond via this link and install onto your computer:

After that, run the software.
- On main panel, choose Preferences (1).
- In VCS Preferences window, select Virtual driver Mode (2).
- Click OK (3).

OBS voice changer connect settings for OBS Studio
OBS voice changer connect settings for OBS Studio

Virtual driver Mode is the mode that help voice changer focus solely on OBS Studio. This way, the sound captured will be morphed with better signal and thus, give a better voice quality.

Step 2: OBS Stream settings

Now, did you download OBS Studio yet? You can download the software via

- After the installation, launch OBS Studio.
- On main panel, choose Settings... (1)

OBS Studio settings
OBS Stream settings

- In Settings... window, choose Audio tab (2)
- Select Microphone (Avsoft Virtual Audio Device) as the Audio device (3) 
- Click OK (4)

settings to connect OBS voice changer
Settings to connect OBS voice changer

Step 3: How to use OBS voice changer for OBS Stream

And now, after the preparation steps, it's time to take action and explore the unlimited possibilities of changing your voice.

- Go to voice changer's main panel, choose a Nickvoice you want. And then, adjust a little to reach the desired output.

Nickvoices - Male to female voice changer

- You can adjust Equalizer and 4 sliders of Voice Beautifying for more voice manipulation techniques -> more voices.
*Access Equalizer via Make-ups > Custom

voice changer settings
voice changer settings

- And then, come to Voice Effects, add Background Effects and other Voice Effects to make your real time OBS stream a little more versatile.

Step 4: Start your funny OBS stream with OBS voice changer

And now, showdown time!
Show the world that your stream this time a a very unique one, and bring more satisfaction to your audience when hearing you talk.
Choose your favorite streaming source and go live with the new voices.

Download OBS voice changer:

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