Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Deep Voice Changer - Sound More Like a Gentleman

Deep voice changer for online talk
Deep voice changer for online talk

Deep voice changer - change the way your voice sound to male voices. With deep voice changer, you can make your voice sound deeper in any application and games, have fun in real time talk with a manly and powerful voice. From female to male, girl to boy, sound like a man, an uncle or even a grandpa. This will be a simple voice changer software to transform your voice and add effects in any online chat room.

In this tutorial, Voice Changer TV will show you how to use deep voice changer in the easiest way, and transform your voice to be deeper for online chat. What you need, is just one software to rule all chatting programs: Voice Changer Software Diamond 9.5

Voice Changer Software Diamond 9.5

This will be the magic tool to modify your voice. It can help you change voice into a boy, a man, a grandpa or even more voices such as robot, animals and imitation of a famous person. But you know what, the software can also be connected to Skype, Discord, Viber and many other chatting program to talk in real time with new voices. Furthermore, the built-in features will also help you finish make an audio file in no time.

You can download the software here on Audio4fun.com

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Deep voice changer

And now, in this part, we will show you how to change your voice to be deeper, just like a female to male voice changer. However, what we are going to show is not just any ordinary method of changing your voice. You will be able to transform your voice deeper with just ONE CLICK.

This deep voice changer software is built with ready-to-use female to male voice changing presets. You will be able to select one preset at a time and test the result of your voice. 

Female to male voice changer
Female to male voice changer

The current presets include baby boy, young male, man of various ages, cool man, angry man, etc. 

But did you know? the options do not stop there, you can also manually adjust the settings with Voice Morpher feature.

Voice morpher to enhace female to male voice changer
Voice morpher to enhace female to male voice changer

With Voice Morpher:

- Pitch and Timbre graph will give you control over the age and gender.
- Voice Effects will help you make your voice more interesting. Example: you are talking at a bus station, in a traffic jam, with a dry voice, sweet voice, etc.
- Voice Beautifying will be a great tool to improve sound quality and form a special accent to the voice.

Deep, deeper, deepest voice changer!

Are you ready to test how deep your voice can be? Because, we have something very nice for you here.
Is this good enough?

No? Then how about this super addicted deep narrating voice from Morgan Freeman?

This is a guide to help you sound like Morgan Freeman with a beautiful deep voice and impress everyone on Skype or any program.

That's it.
We hope that you will successfully get what you want and have fun on the Internet.

Download the Voice Changer Software here:

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