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Real Time Voice Changer for PC with Effects

Real Time Voice Changer for PC with Effects
Real Time Voice Changer for PC with Effects

Who can resist the curiosity of using a real time voice changer for PC with effects? Modify your voice in any voice chat software with a microphone in real time. Play some fun tricks with your friends and family by talking in a strange voice while having a live conversation, add in some effects to make it even more realistic and finally, record to enjoy it later.

Are you excited? Everyone has their own real voice, whether it is in high pitch, fry, warm, gentle, unique, weird and many other ways to describe. But not this time, you will actually have... almost unlimited possibilities to change your voice to another one, including an opposite gender, ghost, dog, cow, bear, Morgan Freeman, Batman, Darth Vader or even... your mom and dad. The software that is gonna help us is called AV Voice Changer Software Diamond 9.5 - the all-in-one application for voice modification and audio processing.

What is AV Voice Changer Software Diamond 9.5?

Obviously this is a voice changer software to help you change your voice to another person's voice with ease. But this one, stands out from the crowd with a whole lot more features that the others cannot compare to.

real time voice changer for pc - av voice changer diamond
AV Voice Changer Software Diamond 9.5

What is special about this real time voice changer?

- It has a Pitch-Timbre graph to easily change the age and gender of your voice. This gives so much more options and is easier to use compared to other voice changers.
- Voice Editor, Voice Recorder, File Morpher, and many Utilities to conveniently edit, record, convert audio files and many other uses.
- Voice Effects and Voice Beautifying to improve quality of your voice and add effects into the real time chat as well as pre-recorded audio files.

Product Informations:

  • Version: 9.5.09
  • Platforms: Windows Vista/7/8/8.1/10 (32-bit & 64-bit)
  • Languages: English(UK),  Italiano(Italian),  日本語(Japanese)
  • License: FREE Trial and license with 30-day satisfaction guarantee.

System Requirements:

  • 1GHz compatible processor
  • 250MB Ram
  • Full Duplex Sound Card
  • Speakers & Microphone (A headset is highly recommended to avoid echo and static)
  • Windows Vista and above

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Real time voice changer for PC

AV Voice Changer Software Diamond 9.5 can be used in voice calls, online voice chat and even game online in real time. When you talk, the software will capture your voice, modify with advanced audio processing algorithm, and then produce a new voice with morphing settings based on your choice. This process happens instantly the moment you talk into the microphone. Thus, a real time voice changer.

Real time voice changer for PC, Welcome to the revolution
Real time voice changer for PC, Welcome to the revolution

This voice changer can be used with any voice changer applications such as voice changer for Skype, Curse chat, TeamSpeak, Discord, etc., game platforms like Steam, Eve Online, or even other audio recording software and audio software such as Goldwave, etc. AV Voice Changer Software Diamond can be connected to almost all applications and what's more, you can also change your voice during phone calls.

AV Voice Changer with built-in presets

It works in real time, but how do we make use of the voices? How to adjust the options quickly for instant changes? Here is the answer: Nickvoices. Inspired by the word "Nickname", Nickvoices were born to help users quickly adjust their voice with ready-to-use voice preset in just 1 click.

There are many presets to choose from:
  • Male to Female
  • Female to Male
  • For movie make (ghost, aliens, x men voice, mosquito, etc.)
  • Non Human Voice (bear, bird, dog, cow, etc.)
Isn't it amazing? You can change your voice from a dude to a grandma, a charming lady, a baby girl, a gentleman, even a dog, bird and many other voices. Moreover, if you want something out of the box, then you can also adjust the settings freely with Voice Morpher feature.

How to disguise your voice with... unlimited possibilities

Let's take a look at the Voice Morpher feature to see why I say unlimited possibilities. It's really true.

voice morpher of real time voice changer for pc
Voice Morpher of real time voice changer.

Can you see the 3 highlighted areas? They will be the place to play with your voice.

Pitch - Timbre graph

This is where you change the age and gender of your voice.
- You can sound younger/older when moving the pointer up/down to change Timbre.
- Move the pointer left/right to sound in lower/higher Pitch.
And very convenient, there is the Duplex button to check what your voice sounds like.

Voice Effects

This is where you add voice effects, background effects, adjust Equalizer and many other things to your voice. It has the Make-up presets to form a characteristics to the voice and this is phenomenal.
- The best thing about this feature is that you will be able to see which effects are on or off right within the panel. If the tag name is in blue, then it's on, and when it's off, the tag name is empty color.
- Next to each tag name, you will the a small button to adjust settings for that effects. Very useful, it's the shortest way to make changes to how the effects are applied.

Voice Beautifying

This is also an important part in Voice Morpher: improve your voice.
- With this, you will be able to change the main formants of a human voice, thus reproducing such rich voice qualities as soft talking, rough, breathy, creaky, hoarse, etc.
- Sometimes, it can even produce an accent.

A real time voice changer Windows with effects

Like the Voice Morpher is not amazing enough, this software also has a HUGE library of effects: 30 Voice Effects, 70 Background Effects, 17 Non-human Voices, 40 plug-in Audio Effects and more.

For example, apply traffic jam background effects and tell your friends on Skype that you are stuck in the street. They will completely fall for it, hahaha. I only provide you the best content, so believe me that the effects are so realistic it can hardly be seen through.

Remember: you can also download more Nickvoices and Effects from the Add-on Store.

Real time voice changer Add-ons
Real time voice changer Add-ons

The company has an impressive amount of free add-ons. There are many good ones there, for example, I find the Darth Vader breathing sound, Xmas voice effects are very interesting and cool. There are more, but I have only tried these two.

The Add-on Store's amount of effects is just inspiring. Check it out and I believe you will also like it as I do.

Best voice changer software in real time

Not just a normal voice changer, this is the all in one voice changer that has many other practical features that no voice changer in the market has. This is real and tested information.

Why all in one voice changer

Why? Because it can also be used as a voice recorder with voice changer, along with many other audio activities, awesome, right? As we mentioned briefly above, it can also be an audio editor, audio converter or even voice mixer depending on what you want. We will introduce the features in a few words here:

- Voice recorder with voice changer (1): record your voice and save it in any voice you want.
- Voice Editor (2): edit/cut/split/merge/copy/paste/ add effects to pre-recorded audio files with ease. This feature does not take time to learn how to use. That's a perk.
- File Morpher (3): this is the bomb! You can morph the vocal of a song, alter the audio files, convert file formats in batches. Extremely handy when you need to morph a lot of files at the same time. This feature has two mode: Quick Mode and Full Mode for different needs of users. Quick Mode can be found in Utilities.

Other features in Utilities:
- Voice Analyzer/Voice Comparator (4): analyze your voice and compare it to a target's voice, then suggest you the best morphing settings.
- Parody Mixer (5): mix your voice into a Hollywood star, famous celebrities. You can download more packages from the Add-on Store and mix up to 4 voices to create a completely new one.

All in one voice changer
All in one voice changer

Best bang for the buck

Those are the reasons why it has a higher price compared to the other voice changers. But to me, it's very worth it. Instead of spending time and money to look and buy other programs with the same functions, it is integrated right within the software. And when I made more research into this, the price of AV Voice Changer Software Diamond is also lower for the sum of other software to achieve the same result.
That's why, this is the best bang for the buck to me.
The logic is: most of the time, you want to buy the best products for the least money possible. But, the hard truth is the higher the quality, the higher the price is, right? However, please notice that: the cheap products you will buy will have shorter life span, and in this case, less features. Therefore, just think about it, a higher quality may not be as cheap, but it can last longer and again, in this case the software has many more great features.

>> And finally, you will realize that the amount of money you buy cheap products will accumulate and eventually, it is obviously more expensive than the good ones compared in functionality as well as the look.

All in all, AV Voice Changer Software Diamond is a great real time voice changer for PC. As my motto is bring the content that my readers find useful. you can be rest assured that I found it good, then you will, too.

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