Monday, March 13, 2017

Voice Changer with Effects for a Funnily Flamboyant Video Chat

Voice Changer with effects

I'm sure most of us have tried VoIP calls, video chat at least once from Skype, Viber, ooVoo, TeamSpeak, Discord, Curse or any program out there. That must have been fun, but did you know? You can make your video chats and those online calls and even funnier by connect your program with a voice changer with effects.

In this tutorial. Voice Changer  TV will show you how to use AV Voice Changer Software Diamond 9.5 (VCSD 9.5) to make a funnily flamboyant surprise in your internet calls. Using voice changer with effects, you can easily add voice effects, background effects, choose a voice you want and even control sound quality in real time. Imagine to change your voice from a man to a little boy who is lost in a traffic jam with realistic sound effects. Anyone talking to you will be fooled without knowing.

What is AV Voice Changer Software Diamond

This is a voice changer with effects, but not only so, AV Voice Changer Software Diamond is the all-in-one voice changing software with powerful features to satisfy every needs of users. You can be anyone, imitate any voice. You will have the chance to become a real voice actor, audio home producer, talk like Morgan Freeman or even change voice to a girl to hilariously flirt around.

Audio4fun always collects feedbacks from users and then improve the software better and better. You can drop any idea and recommendation via the website

Let me summarize a few main features for you:

- Pitch-Timbre graph: change the age and gender of your voice.
- Nickvoices: change your voice in just one click with ready-to-use presets. 
- Voice Recorder: record your audio right within the software.
- Voice Editor: cut/split/merge/copy/paste/add effects to any audio files.
- File Morpher: morph/modify vocal/convert format/ in batches.
- Utilities: Voice Comparator and Voice Analyzer can analyze and compare your voice to a target to mimic that voice. Parody Mixer can change voice to a parody voice, you can also mix up to 4 different voices to create a completely new one.

For more information about VCSD 9.5, click here.

AV Voice Changer Software Diamond

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Step 1: Change voice in real time with just one click

Av Voice Changer Software Diamond has the system of changing your voice to the built-in ready-to-use voices called "Nickvoices".

- To open a Nickvoice, click on Nickvoice button (1)
- Choose your favorite Nickvoice (2).

And that's it, your voice is now changed with just a click. Currently, the software can change your voice from male to female, female to male of different age and characteristics. Besides, you also have Movie Maker and Non Human Voice such as ghost, robot, dog, bird, elephant, etc.

Step 2: Voice Changer with effects

And now, you can enhance your funny chat with different voice effects, sound effects, background effects as well as an Equalizer.

Take a look at Voice Effects panel:

- Make-ups (1) can give you instant characteristics to your voice such as breathy, raspy, trembling, warm, gentle, etc. with just a click.
- You can also choose even more option by selecting Custom (2) to open Equalizer (3) and experience your own set of Make-ups settings.

Make-ups presets

- To add more effects to your real time chat, select Add Voice Effects (1) to open Effects Settings dialog box.
- From the Available Effects list (2), choose your favorite effects. 
- Click OK (3)

Voice changer with effects

In Effects Settings dialog box, Voice Effects and Background Effects are the two noteworthy to be explored. With Voice Effects, you can modify and alter the vocal. On the other hand, choose a background may have some significant impression when saying you are at somewhere no in your room. For example, you can even fool your friends that you are drunk and talking from a forest.

The Voice Effects panel gives you the ability to active or disable an effect very easily.
- Click on the effect to turn it on. The active ones will have blue color.
- The disabled effects are empty.

Turn effects ON and OFF

And now, what do you say? The only job left is to connect AV Voice Changer Software Diamond to your VoIP program. Skype, Viber, TeamSpeak, Ventrilo, any program can be connected, enjoy your call.

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