Thursday, October 27, 2016

AV Voice Changer Software Review: The Diamond Version

AV Voice Changer Software Diamond review

Read this voice changing software review, we choose the unique AV Voice Changer Software Diamond 9.5 (VCSD 9.5) to present in this post. The software exceeds expectation and has stand-out features making it very worth a download. You will know: what can it do, what are the main features, how is the quality when talking in real time, etc.

With this software, it is not simply a voice changer, you can change your voice to anyone, talk in real time, record, convert and edit the audio files right within  the software and it is even possible to make voice-over as well as many other audio activities.

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Change your voice in real time

VCSD9 has the ability to change your voice immediately in real time when talking. You can change the fundamental attributes of your voice very easily. It allows users to manipulate the Pitch, Timbre and other characteristics of a human voice. In short, you can sound like Barack Obama, Morgan Freeman, Brad and Jolie or anyone. Besides, there are tons of background and vocal effects to apply.

Moreover, the Voice Comparator also helps you to compare your voice with a sample voice and then mimic that voice without any difficulties. Thus, you can mimic any voice of your friends and it is perfect for a prank call. 

The coolest thing is that you can apply the so-called Nickvoices. They are the built-in voice presets for an instant change. The software even has the new and updated presets from Add-on Store.

Interface with VoIP programs and online games

- You can connect the software with any audio editing software (Camtasia, Goldwave, etc.) and it also works with most all VoIP programs (Skype, Viber, etc.). 

- The software is also compatible and can be used with in-game voice chat systems (Steam platform, World of Warcraft, etc.) in real-time.

Edit audio

- This is where AV Voice Changer Software Diamond will stand out from the rest. It has a whole lot features for editing, converting recording audios and also many more.

- We have the Voice Editor and Recorder right within this software. These features are extremely handful when you want to record your conversations and then edit/cut/split or convert the file format.

- Besides the real time voice changing and recording, it can also edit and morph pre-recorded audio files. You can use the feature File Morpher to apply more effect to the plain audio and then export them to any format.

- Utilities is helpful for analyzing the voices and can even mix up to 4 voices for a completely new one.

Hence, any project can be managed from concept to completions all right within the software: changing your voice, record, edit, convert, save, review, and revisit anytime for resources, or refinement or to use in new projects. A total audio creation workstation.


- You can mimic a sample voice (even your friend, teacher or anyone)
- Nickvoices for instant change, there are many free Nickvoices at the Add-on store.
- A wide variety of background and vocal effects
- You can change your voice however you want with many ways to apply the attributes and effects.
- Can record and edit files professionally.
- Can morph audio files and convert them in batch.

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