Wednesday, November 11, 2015

How to manipulate pre-recorded files using File Morpher

Today's tutorial will instruct you on how to modify multiple pre-recorded files using the unique File Morpher feature from Voice Changer Software Diamond 9.5 (VCSD 9.5).

About File Morpher

This is an advanced feature available only in the Diamond edition of our Voice Changer Software series that helps users with morphing pre-recorded audio files and then exporting them into different formats. This feature demonstrates that Voice Changer Software Diamond is the perfect choice not only for online voice communicating, but also for most offline voice changing purposes.
Download VCSD 9.5 now to use this cool feature for any of your audio projects!

Step 1: Apply morphing effects

Run VCSD9 >> Turn on Voice Morpher (1) feature to modify the most important voice parameters - Timbre and Pitch (2) >> adjust Formant Pitch (3) to enhance your voice output as well.

Turn on Duplex (4) to test how your voice sound like.

Alternatively, you can select ready-to-use Nickvoices (5) to achieve your target voice quickly.

Step 2: Configure output file settings

- On main panel >> click on File Morpher button (6).

- When File Morpher window appears, change Output folder and Output Format (7) as you wish.

- Click Add Playlist (8)

- Click + button (9) to add multiple pre-recorded files you want to manipulate with the effects morphed from Step 1 above.

Step 3: Start morphing your pre-recorded files

Click Morph (10)

During morphing process, you can see how the whole process is going (11). You also can stop it at anytime you want buy clicking Stop button (12).

Now, you can go to the output folder selected above and check out all the files that have been morphed with the effects chosen.


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