Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Add Fabulous Audio Effects To Your Voice in Internet Calling World

Using internet call to keep contact with your loved ones? Using it for business purposes? OR, simply for fun? Well, no matter what purpose you use it for, you can always add more value to your calls by taking advantage of a wide variety of professional effects in voice changer software program. Make your voice sound different or apply several of these fabulous effects can make your conversation more unique than ever before. And of course, voice changer software is also the best tool for placing prank calls on special occasions of a year.

"Live in a fantastic calling world with fabulous built-in effects"

Voice Changer Software Diamond features a long list of effects including 30 vivid voice effects, 8 non-human voices, up to 70 different interesting background sounds and it also offers you the ability to enrich this list using your own creation.

- Bring back memories with an old school version of your favorite songs by applying Bad Radio effect.

- Satisfy your passion for rock with Metal Echo or Metal Hard Beat.

- Make an excuse with your boss for being late by adding Traffic Jam and other Public Transportation background sounds.

- Complete your performance with Big Hall and Big Applause sound effects.

- Bring your friends to a complete mysterious nature by applying the sound of Waterfall, Forest, Birds, etc.

- Fool them out with Ghost and Echo voice while in the conversation.

- And many more interesting ideas are waiting for your creation and sense of humor.

Additionally, users can find the powerful voice modifying modules on its main panel to enhance the output voice and perfect its quality.

"It's your time!"

Interested? If any cool idea has come up to your mind, don't miss this chance and grab this useful "assistant" now! This is the best time for you to join the fantastic calling world together with your pals and family.... Oh, and don't forget to add more unique value using your own creative ideas!

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