Thursday, March 27, 2014

Change Voice Professionally While Using Voice Chat

Change Voice Professionally While Using Voice Chat
Speak in different voices in just a few steps and surprise your friends
Using internet voice chat is not something too strange to many of us. As it has been using as one of the most important way to keep contact or make new friends nowadays, the demand for making it more interesting and hilarious is getting explosive. If you are "lining up", I have a cool tip for you!

Voice Changer Software is the best voice changing program for all cyberspace users. With this software installed on your computer and  turning on your chat application, you are completely ready to drive your friends crazy.

The program has a great ability to do magic to your voice as it can change your timbre and pitch in real time, modify and control it in just a few clicks so your prank will be successful  without suspicions from your targets.
  • Make the voice of a boss, then call him to inform that: "You're FIRED!" (Oops)
  • Speak like someone that your target is interested in (famous celebrities, a sexy girl/boy, ...) and ask for a special dinner out.
  • Sound like his classmate to inform that the class is cancelled today, while he is happily jumping all over the place , it's time to say "Got chaaaa!". (LOL)
  • Also turn any solo song to a special duet and further remixes as you wish.
Moreover, it can also be used as the voice changer for Skype, Viber, TeamSpeak, etc., and online other chat programs to talk in real time with many voices.

Let's check out some of my samples:

Change from normal male voice to an announcement in a big empty room:

Apply 3D effect to Darth Vader voice:

Cool right?! As April Fools' Day is just around the corner, this is definitely an awesome idea for all pranksters everywhere.

Voice Changer Software is compatible with numerous VoIP clients , Instant Messengers and online games so that you will feel very convenient using this tool while being in voice chat conversion with your friends and family.

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