Monday, January 20, 2014

An Effective Real-time Voice Changer Software

Effective Real-time Voice Changer Software
Voice Changer Software assists users in all professional voice changing projects

There are many voice changing programs which allow you to change you voice tone and make it sound different. However, not all of them can offer users the ability to produce the professional-quality audio/voice output as they expect.

RRRAn effective Voice Changer Software in real time RRR

Voice Changer Software Diamond is the rare one out there which can assist you in this job! This advanced voice changing tool includes a wide variety of cool voice modifying functions such as Parody Maker, Voice Comparator, Voice Recorder, Voice Analyzer and handy tutorials on how to change your voice while chatting in Skype, Viber, TeamSpeak, Ventrilo, Google Hangouts, etc. In addition, its long list of preset voice samples and built-in effects are also just one-click-away to help you produce the best-quality audio masterpieces ever.

AV Voice Changer Software Diamond 9.5

ò Unique preset voices

- Male to female voices: baby girl, old woman, angry teacher, mean girl, opera singer, prudent girl, mistress, ...
- Female to male voices: young boy, 50-year-old man, angry dad, cool man, terminator, ...
- Human to non-human voices: wolf, bird, cow, dog, lion, bee, ...
- Movie characters' voices: angel, witch, Tom & Jerry, Robot, X-men, ...
- Celebrities' voices: Tom Cruise, Scarlet Johanson, Daniel Craig, Oprah Winfrey, Robert Downey Jr., ...

ò Rich, vivid built-in effects

- Voice Effects: Ghost Chorus, Hardcore Beat, PingPong, Bass Cut, Orchestra, Ringing Voice, Flutter, Fading Wave, ...
- Non-human effects: bear, bird, cow, duck, lion, wolf, pig, ...
- Background effects: Aircraft, Big Applause, Footsteps, Meditation, Transportation, Public Affairs, ...

ò Effectively work in real time

The biggest advantage of voice changer diamond is its capability to work smoothly in real time while using voice chat. With any click on the preset voice, you can immediately change your voice and completely fool your chat friends around. For offline voice changing projects, you can also hear the morphed voice instantly so that you can save a lot of time to get the desired voice output.

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>> PROS:
- New, fast and efficient interface
- Huge 'nickvoice' store and user community
- Works effectively in real time
- Compatible with most applications
- Lots of help and support, with F.A.Q.s and forums

- Requires some understanding of voice editing
- First try are not always perfect

If you need a voice changing tool for simpler manipulation purposes, take a look at voice changer software basic version.

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