Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Best Online Voice Changer in Cyberspace

Voice Changer for online prank calls
Voice Changer for online prank calls

If you are looking for the best voice changer software to create more fun in online activities, you're at the right place! Voice Changer Software Diamond offers you the ability to produce the high quality voice outputs in real-time chatting in any application. Let's see why it deserves to be called the best online voice changer software!

Online Voice Changer  - Maximize your fun in Cyberspace!

AV Voice Changer Software Diamond

- Change and modify a voice in real-time with cutting-edge voice changing technology: Hooking and Virtual Audio Driver.

- Brand new timbre & pitch graph.

- Easily control formant, threshold, base pitch, etc. in real-time.

- A wide variety of vivid, hilarious sound effects and background effects.

- Professional Voice Comparator helps users compare their voices with the target voices and suggest the best morphing settings, so that users can get the most precise output results in just a few seconds.

- More than 50 different "nickvoices"  (a.k.a. sample voice output) including a cool menu especially for movie maker. Speak to someone else is just one click away!

- Compatible with many popular IMs, VoIP applications and most in-game voice chat systems. It works perfectly as a voice changer for Skype, Viber, TeamSpeak, etc. and many more.

Outstanding from other computer-based voice changing programs, AV Voice Changer Software Diamond version 9.5 is greatly improved from the brand new Smartphone-like interface, the design, colors as well as the advanced voice settings in order to make morphing processes much easier and faster.

Being a part of cyberspace is so cool, but knowing how to make it more unique and interesting is way cooler! Let's entertain your chat friends with your own creation and create the humorous chatting environments you've never had before with the best online voice changer!

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