Wednesday, October 2, 2013

More Funny Calls Using Online Voice Changer

Internet Calls is more fun with Online Voice Changer
Internet Calls is more fun with Online Voice Changer
Maximize your fun while using any Instant Messaging applications with Online Voice Changer. Such program will give you the ability to make adjustments to your timbre and pitch - two most important parameters of a human's voice.

Faking sore throat and make an excuse to your boss:
*Coff... I'm sick...*coff*... Can I ask for few more days to complete this project, sir? *coff*...*coff*

Pretend to be a friend's mom and start scaring her/him:
" Did I tell you to wash dishes before leaving!!!!"  (LOL)

Imitate police's voice and call to interview your friends:
"I saw you in the bank robbery this morning, I have some questions to ask you now!"

A great reason for coming late to an appointment:
"Oh, I'm sorry! I'm stuck in huge traffic!"

Make your voice sound like a fast food delivery man:
"Hello, did you order 100 pizzas? I'm in front of your house now!"  (oops)

And more silly and funny ideas for funny calls that you can do with Online Voice Changer.

¬ How does Voice Changer work in real-time?

Voice Changer Software Diamond works on Virtual Audio Driver method which give the program the ability to change your timbre and pitch while you are using Instant Messaging applications  to make internet calls.

A big plus of this program is its ready-to-use  nickvoices (aka preset output voices) and background effects for more precise and realistic voice. These presets are a big help for newbie who're still confused about this tool and also a time saving solution for professional users as well.

The program is compatible with many popular IM and VoIP clients. On top of that, gamers will definitely find it interesting and useful as it works well with most online games such as Second Life, Everquest, TeamSpeak, World of Warcraft, Battlefield, ...

Grab one now and join the funniest calling world with your friends!

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