Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Voice Changer For Funny Calls

Making fun call by imitate any movie character you like and start having fun
Speak like movie characters and maximize your fun using Voice Changer

The best Voice Changer for your funny calls!

Unleash your creation and create more value to your entertainment by disguising your true voice, making it sound like anyone else. Especially, being an abnormal person may freak your friends out!
- Fool your friends by sounding like the voice of any celebrities or hit movie character such as Angelina Jolie, Kelly Clarson, Avengers, Transformers,...
- Create e-greeting cards with differently emotional voices and express your family and friends.
- Revenge your opponent by sending them scary audio messages or internet calls.
- Make a successful presentation with coolest voice and add more value to your business.
- ...

Voice Changer Software works on Virtual Audio Driver (VAD) mode which gives you the ability to capture any streaming audio and change your voice in real time. By moving cursor on 2-dimension graph, you can make your timbre and pitch lower or higher up to your requirement and it may sound lovely, scary, creepy, ect. There is a huge "nickvoices" store, aka ready-to-use output voices available for lazy me! Once clicking on the target characters, you will immediately sound exactly like them, this is really useful and helps you save a lot of time to achieve desire output.

AV Voice Changer Software Diamond

One thing for sure that voice changer is compatible with most environment, from VoIP and Instant Messaging Applications to online games. You can have fun chatting and calling like undercover agent, scary ghost, silly  girl, bad teacher and even imitate your favorite actors' voices. One of its remarks is the possibility to have many windows opened at the same time so that users will find it much easier to use this Voice Changing Tool.

You can connect it to many other programs, and here we are: If you want a funny call in Skype, check out How to use voice changer for Skype now.

Amazing, right?!!
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