Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Change voice easily using ready-to-use Nickvoices

Voice Changer Software Diamond 9 (VCSD9) is an effective software tool for almost any voice changing tasks. It features an advanced Voice Morpher module, which lets you control your Timbre and Pitch levels in real time. But if you don't want to spend too much time on trying different morphing settings to get the target voice, Nickvoice concept of VCSD9 will definitely be your favorite.

What is "nickvoices"?

Nickvoices are preset voice output available for instant use. These are designed based on several popular target voices that people prefer to use for their morphing processes. With a huge library of 50 ready-to-use nickvoices, including Male to female, Female to male, and nickvoices for movie-making purposes, all users can save lots of time morphing. All you need to do now is just click-and-talk!
This tutorial will guide you on how to use these unique nickvoices in changing voice.

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Step 1: Apply preset nickvoices from the list

On the main panel >> click on Nickvoice menu (1).

Select the voice you like from this list. There are 3 main categories in this list, including:

  • Female nickvoices for male users
  • Male nickvoices for female users
  • Various nickvoices for movie-making purposes

After you click to select a nickvoice, all morphing effects will be automatically applied to Voice Morpher feature. Speak to your microphone to hear how the output voice sounds.

Step 2: Use customizable nickvoices

In addition to the available nickvoices, you also have unlimited options for creating new customizable nickvoices on your own. Here is how it works!

# Save a nickvoice

Use Voice Morpher feature to change timbre and pitch levels of your voice. If you are satisfied with this voice and want to save it for future use, click Save (2) >> Name your new nickvoice (3) >> OK (4)

The nickvoice file (.nvc) has been safely stored in your computer.

For instant use, visit our Add-on Store to download nickvoice packs from games and movies.

# Load a nickvoice

In Voice Morpher session, click Load (5) >> Browse in your pre-saved nickvoice folder (6) >> select your favorite >> OK (7)

Once you open your customizable nickvoice, it will be immediately loaded into the Voice Morpher's Timbre and Pitch sliders, you can use it right away in online voice chat.


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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

How to manipulate pre-recorded files using File Morpher

Today's tutorial will instruct you on how to modify multiple pre-recorded files using the unique File Morpher feature from Voice Changer Software Diamond 9 (VCSD9).

About File Morpher

This is an advanced feature available only in the Diamond edition of our Voice Changer Software series that helps users with morphing pre-recorded audio files and then exporting them into different formats. This feature demonstrates that Voice Changer Software Diamond is the perfect choice not only for online voice communicating, but also for most offline voice changing purposes.
Download VCSD9 now to use this cool feature for any of your audio projects!

Step 1: Apply morphing effects

Run VCSD9 >> Turn on Voice Morpher (1) feature to modify the most important voice parameters - Timbre and Pitch (2) >> adjust Vowel Enhancer (3) to enhance your voice output as well.

Turn on Duplex (4) to test how your voice sound like.

Alternatively, you can select ready-to-use Nickvoices (5) to achieve your target voice quickly.

Step 2: Configure output file settings

On the right panel >> click on File Morpher button (6).

When VCS File Morpher window appears >> Click Setting button (7) to setup the format for output

Change Output folder and Output Format (8) as you wish.

Click + button (9) to add multiple pre-recorded files you want to manipulate with the effects morphed from Step 1 above.

Tick on Process File(s) with VCS checkbox (10)

Step 3: Start morphing your pre-recorded files

Click Morph (11)

During morphing process, you can see how the whole process is going (12). You also can stop it at anytime you want buy clicking Stop button (13).

When it finishes, a dialog box will appear as below:

Now, you can go to the output folder selected above and check out all the files that have been morphed with the effects chosen.


Now, get ready to:

And don't forget to...

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Sunday, November 1, 2015

Change voice in Skype with Voice Changer Software Diamond 9

Voice Changer Software Diamond 9 (VCSD9) allows you to speak in different voices while having fun in online chat applications thanks to its real-time voice morphing technology. This tutorial will guide you on how to change your voice easily while chatting in Skype, using this cool voice changer software program.

* Requirements:

  • Download and install Skype application
  • Download and install VCSD9

This simple tutorial contains 4 easy-to-follow steps. Let's get started!

Step 1: Turn on VAD mode in VCSD9

Run the program >> Click Preferences (1) from VCSD9 menu bar >> Tick to choose Virtual Driver Mode (VAD mode) (2) >> OK (3)

Now, AV Virtual Audio Driver mode has been applied to voice changer software.

Step 2: Configure audio settings in Skype

Run Skype >> Login to your account >> Choose menu Tools >> Options (4)

An Options dialog box appears >> Choose Audio settings tab (5)

In Microphone dropdown box, choose Microphone (Avnex Virtual Audio Device) (6) as below image >> Save (7)

Now, AV Virtual Audio Driver has been used as your main audio driver in Skype.

Step 3: Get your voice ready

Speak to your microphone to see how it's currently sounding.

Return to the main panel of VCSD9, you can make further adjustments to polish your voice, including:

  • Turn on Voice Morpher (8) feature >> change the levels of your Timbre and Pitch (9)
  • Apply special effects from VCSD9's built-in effect list (10)
  • Enhance voice output using Equalizer (Effect settings >> Other >> Equalizer (11) >> Click Settings (12))

Make these adjustments until you are satisfied with the output >> OK

All morphing effects have been applied instantly and your voice has been also changed.

Step 4: Start calling your Skype using the new voice

Now, return to Skype. Pick your first "victim" and start a voice chat session with him/her. VCSD9 is now working as your Skype voice changer.

*** Note:

As long as the AV Virtual Audio Device works as main driver for your microphone, you have a very powerful Skype voice changer ready for use.


Interested?! Everyone can grab voice changer software for free testing at http://www.audio4fun.com/voice-over.htm

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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Easily Make Funny Parody Voices with Voice Changer

Funny Parody Voices

Fourth of July is just around the corner. Got your  plan to celebrate on this day yet? Let us show you how to have fun creatively on this national day by making unique parody voices to surprise your friends and family.

In term of making parody voices, you're recommended to have a good voice changer software. Voice changer not only changes your voice, but also help you mimic someone else's voice effectively. 

First of all, this program owns a cutting-edge voice morphing technology, which can precisely manipulate the user's voice at ease. You can change easily your timbre and pitch - the most important parameters of a human's voice using the parabolic displayed graph straight away on the main panel.

Timbre and Pitch graph

Especially, voice changer software includes an interesting and useful Voice Comparator that helps you create parody voice easily thanks to its outstanding ability to compare the similarity between how you sound and the target voice input. Its morphing suggestions will change your voice completely in seconds.

You can see how voice changer software works to create President Obama's parody voice, or the voice of famous celebrities.

*** Tips:
Let's make Fourth of July spectacular!

Monday, May 11, 2015

Easiest Ways To Change Voice Using Voice Changer

Ever thought of speaking like your favorite superstars? A few vocal practices will do, but it takes time. So, why don't you try it out with a friendly program like voice changer software - quick and effective!

No doubt! Voice changer is the quickest way for you to change and do magic with your real voice. Its top-notch voice morphing technology can manipulate your timbre and pitch levels in real time, no matter which instant messaging applications you use.

While other voice changers may take you hours to get the voice you want, this program make it simpler for all users by offering up to 50 unique "nickvoices" for quick use. They're the preset samples of popular target voices, such as male to female, female to male, X-men, ghost, alien, terminator, animals, robots, etc. All you need to do is "click and speak"!

After changing your voice, it's significant that you should make the fake voice sound natural so that no one can ever recognize it. That's why voice changer software provides users a rich library of vivid background and audio effects. Just one click away and you will see the difference.

Voice Comparator is one of the most outstanding features in voice changer software. Everyone can test how similar their voice sound compared with a specific celebrity. This feature will show you the best suggestions to make you sound exactly like him/her. Now, singing like your idols is just a piece of cake, right?!

What are you waiting for? Explore this voice changer now and see which of these simple ways is the best match for you.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Natural Voice Morphing Solution With Voice Changer

More Natural Voice Morphing Solution With Voice Changer Software

Voice changer software has become familiar with many internet pranksters, or audiophiles. With this program, users can do a wide range of audio projects like placing prank calls, changing their singing voice, recording voice mails, making e-greeting cards, and so much more. Besides, anyone interested in professional movie-making projects, also shouldn't miss voice changer since it can help you easily do voice-over and voice dubbing steps by imitating famous celebrities' voices

Let's find out one of voice changer's biggest key for making natural voice, no matter you're playing  around on the internet, or just doing offline audio tasks.

When we talk about changing voice naturally, it's gotta be the advanced Vowel Enhancer, which offers users an direct access to adjust the natural quality of a voice output. Once you run voice changer software, Vowel Enhancer is just one-click away on the main panel, including Formant Pitch and Smooth parameters with a super friendly interface.
Newly improved Vowel Enhancer to create natural voice output
Newly improved Vowel Enhancer to create natural voice output

While Formant Pitch helps you add realistic emotional tones to speech, Smooth makes the output voice retain its natural sound. These two have been greatly improve with a top-notch audio morphing technology, so every single change on each slider will lead to a brand new voice that you can hear instantly through your headphones.

Bottom line, with such important improvements, voice changer software has brought a leading voice morphing solution to all audiophiles: significantly reducing the complexity of finding the best settings that works, and greatly simplifying the modification process without sacrificing the fine tuning abilities. 

Interested?! Everyone can grab voice changer software for free testing at http://www.audio4fun.com/voice-over.htm

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Change Voice in One-Click Using Unique "Nickvoices"

Change Voice in One-Click Using Unique "Nickvoices"

Good news for basic users! Despite being a professional voice changing tool for advanced morphing projects (like change voice while singingprank calls via internet, imitate celebrity voice, talk like a pirate, US president Obama, or even change voice while in role-playing games), voice changer software is always a friendly and helpful audio utility for you thanks to its ready-to-use "nickvoices".

"Nickvoice" is a very unique concept only available in voice changer software. It allows you to select a target voice and in just one click, you can immediately hear the voice that you want to have. No professional skills required, all you need to do is to click and save. The program includes various categories for users' choices.

Male to female voice
Change from masculine male voice to the voice of a lovely teenage girl, a cool city girl, a country woman, or a powerful female opera singer.

Change from male to female voice

Female to male voice
Make a feminine female voice sound like a baby boy, and angry man, a young man in his 20s, or even an old man over 50.

Change from female to male voice

Voices for movie-making purposes
Make your movie-making projects more interesting with numerous special, vivid voices for voice-over/voice dubbing, such as robot, Xmen, ghost, alien, devil, witch, alien, and more.

Voices for movie-making purposes

Non-human voices
A wide variety of interesting animal voices, such as bear, cow, horse, tiger, bird, snake, etc. to add more colors to your masterpieces.

Change to animal voices

Moreover, voice changer software also offers you a rich list of built-in audio effects to make your audio output sound natural. All can be applied in just a click away!

Ready-to-use built-in audio effects

Interested?! Download this program now and enjoy producing the most fantastic masterpieces for your own style entertainment.